Arizona Collectors Supplement

BookCover-81 Marcus J. Origlieri, founder of Mineral Zone, shows off his collection of Mapimi minerals in the Arizona Collectors Supplement to the Mineralogical Record. See the pages here. update – June 15

Mineral Zone’s subsidiary site added a gallery of minerals from their type localities, featuring angastonite, anorpiment, carlfriesite, chambersite, cumengeite, curienite, durangite, donpeacorite, francevillite, gerstleyite, goudeyite, grandviewite, henmilite, kochsandorite, samarskite-(Yb), sorensenite, spiroffite, sulphohalite, thomsenolite, trembathite, tsaregorodtsevite, and vauxite.

Hong Kong Mineral Sale – April 28

The Mineralogy Society of Hong Kong hosted its sixth Mineral Fair on April 27 and April 28.  Mineral Zone was there with a new batch of Vietnamese aquamarine beryl crystals and other fine minerals.

Mineralogy Society Hong Kong Mineral Fair

Denver Mineral Show – September 15

Mineral Zone set up at the Denver Mineral Show in the Merchandise Mart.  Just after the show opened, a pair of buyers found our merchandise quite appealing, and they bought the entire booth.

Mineral Zone Sold Out Denver 2011