Gem Green Sanidine

Gem green sanidine

Itrongay, Madagascar

This is a gem green sanidine crystal. Mineral ZoneTM obtained this specimen during the Denver 2013 shows. A surface coating of clay disguised its transparency; nevertheless the specimen appears in a Ste. Marie show report in the Mineralogical Record. Following the removal of the clay, professional photography shows its true quality. This is a world class feldspar crystal, from a classic locality but outstanding in its size, and also its curious green color.


LĂ„ngban Minerals – January 23

This gallery features minerals from the Långban mine, a locality famous for exotic lead, manganese and beryllium minerals. Featured minerals include allactite, barylite, berzeliite, brandtite, braunite, bromellite, dixenite, finnemanite, frederikssonite, kentrolite, långbanite, magnussonite, manganosite, margarosanite, molybdophyllite, nadorite, pinakiolite, pyrochroite, quenselite, richterite, roeblingite, sarkinite, swedenborgite, and welshite.